BSLBATT 48V 300 Ah Lithium Batteries for Crawler Self-Walking Boom Lifts: An Honest Review

BSLBATT is a China-based seller of high-performing Lithium batteries. They are widespread across 100+ countries.


One of the most popular products from BSLBATT is a scissor lift battery. Batteries for aerial platforms is a bestselling category at BSLBATT. Customers can choose from the vast collection of batteries dedicated to scissor lifts, cherry pickers, etc.


Another bestselling category at BSLBATT is the 48V 300Ah Lithium batteries for crawler self-walking boom lifts. Boom lifts require high power as they work in harsh conditions. The BSLBATT batteries have enough capacity to support the heavy work by boom lifts.

BSLBATT 48V 300 Ah Lithium Batteries for Crawler Self-Walking Boom Lifts: Detailed Review


The BSLBATT 48V 300 Ah Lithium battery is the best battery pack for self-walking boom lifts. These batteries are designed to provide high and reliable energy. Despite the high-power capacity, the 48V 300 Ah batteries from BSLBATT require low maintenance.

The BSLBATT batteries are extremely lightweight and compact. They are very easy to transport and use. The batteries support minimal energy loss and provide maximum efficiency.


  • Brand: BSLBATT
  • Model: 48V 300 Ah Lithium Battery
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Capacity: 300 Ah
  • Dimensions: 718 x 259 x 385 mm
  • Item Weight: 356 kilograms


BSLBATT 48V batteries exhibit a highly efficient performance. It has a capacity of 300 Ah. It requires about 48V to work. Despite weighing only 356 kilograms, the BSLBATT batteries deliver the high-power requirement of boom lifts.

The BSLBATT batteries have a high battery retaining capacity. The battery retains the charge when it is not being used. Even though the battery runs on a heavy load, it causes only nominal maintenance.

The charging feature of the battery is also highly efficient. It supports quick charging that reaches 100% in a minimal time.


  • Diamond- LiFePO4 cells
  • Less than 3% discharge rate
  • More than 3000 cycles
  • IP67 protection
  • Heating function
  • Remote monitoring
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lead-free
  • Vehicle communication mode
  • Weather resistant
  • Minimal maintenance requirement


The design of the 48V Lithium batteries from BSLBATT is highly compact. It saves valuable space and makes it very convenient to handle it. The BSLBATT team claims the design enables the battery to be 100% maintenance-free. The easiness of maintaining the battery allows the user to avoid any potential hazards.

Lead is not used in the production of the BSLBATT batteries. This makes the design highly environment-friendly. The outer case of the battery is made of commercial-grade steel. It is the strength of the outer case that prevents any external elements from entering the battery.


The 48V BSLBATT Lithium battery comes with a remote monitoring option. A dedicated mobile application is available to carry out the monitoring. Users can connect their personal mobile devices to the BSLBATT application and monitor the functioning of batteries from a remote location.


Compared to the same category’s batteries, the 48V BSLBATT battery for boost-lifters is much faster and more efficient. These batteries provide a superior weather-resistant performance than their counterparts.