Buy A Good Chocolate Enrober Machine

This article is for you, whether you’re a chocolate retailer, a food manufacturer, or a food retailer that makes and sells chocolate products on-site.

What is a chocolate enrober and what does it mean?

The chocolate enrober, also known as chocolate enrobing machines, is a machine that coats different types of food with chocolate. You can coat the whole food or part of it, and you can adjust the speed. Candies, cookies, cookies, and cakes can all be coated. Snacks and snack bars can also be used. Nuts and fruits can also be covered.

The complete unit of a chocolate melter includes a rotating drum, chocolate melting pot, feeding band with wire mesh and a drain pan. There is also a blower at one end. The food will be placed on wire mesh and then transported to the bottom of a flow pan. This will drain the chocolate continuously like a curtain, and then the blower will evenly blow the chocolate on the surface. You can drain the chocolate directly below the wire mesh using the two drainage holes located at the bottom. This will allow you to achieve a chocolate-coated bottom.

Why would you need a chocolate enrober when you can have one?

Customers choose to have a chocolate enrober do the chocolate coating on their food. This requires many workers, is time-consuming, and is expensive. A chocolate enrober is necessary.

Another reason is that customers may be manufacturing other types food and want to expand their product line to include chocolate in their existing food or create new chocolate products. The equipment dealers and importers must also purchase the chocolate enrober to be able to sell it to their customers.

What are the current chocolate enrobers?

Two types of chocolate enrobers are currently available on the market: Industrial type and commercial type.

Commercial type chocolate enrober has a small size, usually between 1-2 metres in length, and a production capacity of 60kg per batch. Different countries have different functions and designs. Although the designs might be different, many companies share the same functions. Only a few companies can do both chocolate tempering AND chocolate coating in the same machine. Papa Machine is one company that can do this.

The wire mesh of the industrial chocolate enrober is wider and has a longer cooling tunnel. This machine is best suited for large food factories or companies with enough space to store it. The 400-model industrial chocolate enrober has a mesh width of 400mm and a cooling tunnel that is 10 meters long. This is total 14 meters long. Larger models have 600mm wire mesh, 900mm wire mesh, and 1200mm wire mesh. Accordingly, the cooling tunnel will be more long. Get more info about chocolate enrober machine, Visit here:

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