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Many people think that they can walk with just 4 or 5 shoes. Are you crazy to try and break your ankle, girl? If you don’t have the right training to walk in heels, we recommend a 3 inch heel. Crossdresser hips are a great partner for heeled shoes. You will do your feet and yourself a favor, I promise. It is difficult to walk on heels. Period! Before you go out in 5 inch heels, make sure you’re comfortable. Keep it simple, and don’t be afraid to start with smaller heels. You can always get bigger heels if you practice.

Although technically you don’t require it, I would refer to it as a non-practicing Transvestite. However, the answer is in your hands. You can wear panties, bras and skirts as well as blouses, pants, dresses, blouses and handbags. You can have fake boobs under your t-shirt for a feminine look, or you can get them as a sleeve.

Cross-dressing is actually a result of a very logical and universal desire. The desire to be the type one admires and maybe even loves is what makes cross-dressing possible. Cross-dressing as a woman in a crossdresser bodysuit, while it is dramatic and logical, is not a way to approach sexual experiences one is passionate about. However, it is not a good idea. Cross-dressing is something we are familiar with in other areas of our lives and it’s nothing new.

Tip number 1 is to purchase products that are simple, effective, and affordable when you start your transgender journey through crossdresser shop. Buy everyday, good quality, affordable clothes if you don’t dress often. You can read more articles on our blog for additional advice. If you have any questions about the size or style of the clothes, feel free to contact us. There are many stories about people lying or omitting to tell the truth about cross-dressing. This has led to a lot of relationship problems. Cross-dressing is a huge deal for some people. They will hate you for lying about it.

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Crossdresser & transgender products are by no means new. In fact, they’ve been around for tens of years. It doesn’t matter if you’re boy, girl, straight, gay, lesbian, bi or anything in between – we’re on a mission to get you off with the very best quality products for crossdressers & trans genders.