Selecting the Right Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

A diamond cup wheel can be used to grind concrete, granite and marble. It is a type of metal-bonded diamond tool and includes some diamond segments as well as a metal (often stainless) wheel body. The wheel body of the cup often looks similar to a cup. These wheels are used often on concrete grinders and angle grinders.

A Diamond cup wheel performance is mostly determined by the performance of its diamond segments. These are made up of metal bonding material and diamonds. Different concretes, granites, and marbles are different in nature, so the bond materials and diamonds used in segments should be different. The bond should be softened if the work piece has a hard surface. This allows the new diamonds to be exposed and participate in the grinding process. If the work piece has a relatively soft surface, the bond should not be as strong to keep the diamonds from being trapped for longer periods of time.

You can use the diamond grit in the grinding process to determine whether the wheels are coarse or medium.

Because of this, the bond between coarse wheels and diamonds should be stronger. Grit should be larger, as coarse grinding can benefit from a large grit. You can lower the concentration of diamonds.

Fine wheels can have a stronger bond and diamonds of lower quality. In this case, the diamonds will last longer. A strong bond can help to hold the diamonds for longer periods of time and improve the accuracy of processing. Depending on the grinding requirements, fine grit can range from 80 grit up to 120 grit. Diamond concentration should be higher.

For different applications, there are many styles of diamond cup wheel. How aggressive the wheel will be depends on its size and number of segments. A wheel with large and dense segments is used for grinding. However, a wheel with sparse or void segments can be used to quickly remove paints, wallpapers and glues.

There are two ways to make diamond cup wheels: cold pressing or hot pressing. Hot pressing is the most common method. First, the segments of diamond are created using a dedicated sintering machine. Then these segments are silver brazed to the wheel body. The cold pressing method involves first pressing the metal bonding material and diamonds to the shape of the wheel body. Next, they are placed into sintering furnaces where they are sintered without any press. Professional users love hot-pressed segments of diamond cup wheels because they can last longer and are more dense. Although the cost of cold-pressed wheels is lower and their life expectancy is shorter, their form can still be used for DIY purposes.

You can tell what type of material you are looking for, its nature, and what your specifications are regarding the performance of the diamond cup wheels. Your supplier will also need to know which kind of diamond cup wheels can be used to suit your application.