Tips for Boosting Your Cell phone Signal at Home

Mobile phones and other devices with smart features are now an integral element of everyday life in recent years. Making a phone call, browsing online services, and sending a text message, each of these require strong signals on your device. There comes a time when we face problems with weak phone signals which can cause disruptions to services at home as well as at work.

Why is it that it happens?

Sometimes everyone has experienced the issue with weak signal power and it is something we may encounter frequently too. Have you ever had any thought to the reason what causes this? Here are a few most common reasons that can cause poor signal strength for smartphones:

Do you think the building is too to far?

One of the most important items you must think about if you’re failing at obtaining a high-quality mobile connection in your workplace or home is the place of the cell tower of the service provider. The majority of the time when it is situated further away, the signal strength tends to weaken. However, this is a fact which isn’t something you can change, however you may want to consider changing your service provider.

Is it the building material you are using?

Do you have to get from your house or office each when you call? It is likely due to the construction material that was that was used in the construction blocks the signal strength, which is normally good.

Could it be because of environmental issues?

A majority of those who reside in the hills will identify with this. The area surrounded by mountains can be a delight to be in, but when you consider the strength of signal the place can become an issue. The reason is that mountains and similar settings can also hinder cell signal. Get more info about cell signal booster for home.

Is it your phone?

If none of these factors cause trouble then it’s probably your phone. There is a chance that the hardware you have installed won’t allow the phone to run at its peak speed, and consequently receive less signal strength.

Tips for Boosting Your Cell Signal

1. Move out of the building: This is among those strategies that work nearly 90% of the time. There are some places in which the power in the signals from mobile phones is lower than other locations like outside your house. The structure that is enclosed in the house can disrupt the signals. This could be improved by moving out for a few minutes and allowing the signals to function efficiently. Materials like insulation, concrete or even electrical wiring, can decrease the signal strength.

2. Check the phone’s performance: Check the device’s performance: It’s not always the best decision to blame the strength of the signal from the provider. Sometimes, it’s the phone that is the source of problems with signal strength. If the above tips are not working it is possible to check the phone’s performance. There are occasions where the phone’s hardware not able to reach the speed of operation. It is possible to have your phone examined by a professional to make sure it’s your phone, that it’s not your signal which causes problems. You may also think about buying another phone in case you suspect that your phone is the cause.

3. Replace cases for phones: This might sound odd to some of you , but it’s been confirmed by a variety of researchers. It has been observed that the major portion of phones cases are found to lower the signal strength. Therefore, it is recommended to remove or replace the phone case to determine whether it is causing chaos. Sometimes, it’s the design, but sometimes the material of the case can be the cause. Keep a close monitor or even remove the phone’s case to determine whether it is the case.

4. Try moving to third-generation networks: The majority of people believe they are the only network that is lightning fast, and this is actually true to a certain extent. There are occasions that the 4G network gets excessively crowded, which results in decreasing the speed. It is therefore recommended to switch your network to 3G instead of 4G that may be faster than 4G.

5. Try signal boosters: Signal boosters are proven to be a boon for anyone who is complaining about weak signal strength from the network provider, mostly because of the area they live in, work from location, or another reason. They are tiny and efficient devices that permit normal signals to gain signal strength. For more info about cell phone signal booster, Visit here:

6. Switch operators: A specific service provider may not be able to provide you with the needed signal strength. However, that doesn’t mean that other providers can’t do the same. You can study the strength of signals that other service providers provide in your workplace and at home and make a smart choice to choose the one that offers the highest quality signals.


Strong signal strength on mobile devices is not a luxury anymore. It’s a requirement for everyone, and experiencing low signal strength could hinder our productivity as well as other entertainment options as well. If we try different options mentioned above, we can be sure to identify the issue and find a solution.