Use Thermal Fogger Sprayer to Solve Different Insecticide

The thermal fogging equipment is a gadget that can be employed to tackle pest issues in the outdoor environment. There are three kinds of thermal fogging devices in the market such as fuel floggers and gas foggers, as well as electricity powered foggers. They all use heating to evaporate the solution and produce the dark mist or fog which penetrates very difficult to penetrate outdoor spaces. It is commonly used to combat pests.


The thermal fogging device utilizes heat to vaporize fogging solution, then spray it out as a fog or mist. The insecticide is then sprayed into the container, which is under or within the frame of the fogger. The typical capacity of the tank for storage is around 40 or 1.1l. They’re fitted with a thermal barrels which are preheated to a high temperature by propane gas or electricity in accordance with the type of fogger. In the beginning, this solution was in the form of liquid, which eventually becomes vaporized after it is pumped into the heat barrel.

The fogger creates a large quantity of particles in a tiny size, which produces a dense cloud the fog. In the past, we have discussed three kinds of equipment accessible. The three types are alike in appearance. The only difference is the method of operation. Gas fogger utilizes propane gas to heat the heating unit. To do this, gas cylinders must be installed with it. Electric foggers are equipped with electrical cables that must be connected to an electrical outlet.

Particle sizes:

The size of the particles produced by foggers will vary based on what model the fogger is. Thermal foggers create 0.5-10 micron particles and, generally they produce tiny particles. size. They can be penetrated in extremely tiny areas, either outdoors or indoors. The fog created by them is easily manageable and controls the direction of the fog, and permits greater control.

Things to remember:

The majority of Thermal Fogger Sprayer are used for outdoor fogging , and the large majority of equipment for thermal fogging are designed to be used outdoors. Actually, these devices aren’t intended for use indoors This is due to the fact that they operate at high temperatures and are not suitable to be used indoors. Additionally, if the appliance is not able to reach a suitable temp, the bugicide will begin to drop down instead of changing into fog. Once they have dripped down, these insecticides create hard stains that are difficult to remove. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them indoors. Get more info about Thermal Fogger Sprayer supplier.

The uses of equipment’s for thermal fogging:

Insect and mosquito control In order to keep mosquitoes and other insects under control, the ideal droplet size range is between 5 and 20 microns. The equipment for thermal fogging produces particles that fall within this range and are ideal for controlling insects.

Control the direction of fogging: The fog produced through thermal fogging is discernible and thick. It is simple to control the direction of the fog. Because of this, outdoor fog will be better managed.

The fog can be reached in many obstructions regions: Since the particle size is tiny and the fog produced from the thermal fogger may be able to reach through small gaps, such as cracks in walls, floor gaps, thick trees, indoor areas and long grass, as well as high tree tops, etc. For more info about disinfectant fogger, Visit here:

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